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If you are a foster family --- licensed, certified, or approved by a child welfare agency to take care of children when their birth parents cannot - then this little treasure is a must-read for you and the children in your family who are born to you.  "But Mommy, Our Last Name Isn't Foster" explains the feelings behind the words that help children understand a unique way of being a family --- a foster family. With warm words and poignant pictures, Dr. Williams' uses her lived experience to shine a sensitive light on this unique way of being a family.  "Our last name isn't foster...." is a must-share for all families planning to or currently fostering.  -- Eileen Mayers Pasztor, DSW, Professor Emerita, School of Social Work, California State University, Long Beach and proud foster and adoptive parent.

"But Mommy, our last name isn't Foster"

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